What to know about HB Wallet

HB Wallet is a top-ranking wallet in Japan with outstanding features such as Grab Tokens, HB Chat, HB Dex, DApp, and integration to a crypto news website.

What to know about HB Wallet

HB Wallet is a digital wallet application that is made to store Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. It is also one of the most downloaded wallets in Japan.

In addition, unlike other digital wallets, HB Wallet can be synchronized with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.


HB Wallet has significant features such as Grab Tokens, HB Chat, HB Dex, DApp, and integration with Unblock.news, which encourage people to indulge into the technology.


Grab Tokens allow users to receive tokens from companies for free, other than the  Ethereum Blockchain transaction fee. On top of that, this feature is also beneficial for businesses in terms of promoting their projects.


HB Chat allows users to exchange messages with other HB Wallet users real time using the Wallet application.


The app lets you send gifts to other users as well. If the user wants to send a gift to another user, they only need to tap the person’s username then a send gift icon will pop up.


HB DEX is a decentralized exchange under the HB wallet which means that trading and exchanging transactions are entirely conducted on the HB Wallet Desktop app and the Ethereum Blockchain.


HB Wallet will also be the one responsible for storing tokens, conducting transactions, and paying fees in checking transaction status.


An upcoming DApp store feature is also to be expected. DApp store is a decentralized application which runs through Ethereum. It will allow users to play and sell games directly on HB Wallet.


Smart Contract feature of Ethereum will facilitate the DApp store.


The HB wallet is also integrated with Unblock.news which will enable users to become updated with the current happenings and discoveries in the world of blockchain.


Important to note would be the recognition of HB Wallet as the “Most Valuable Wallets” in Blockchain Insight 2019, along with other foreign cryptocurrency wallets.  It ranked 2nd among the 10 foreign SPV cryptocurrency wallets in the ‘Most Valuable Wallets’ list.


There will also be events where users can receive airdrops through the HB Wallet app. TapWar is one example of this kind of event. Participants get a chance to win tokens as a prize for winning.


Airdrops are done in order to engage cryptocurrency owners and make advantages out of these networking events. It is usually through selecting random wallets or publishing airdrop events.

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