HB Wallet: Most downloaded Ethereum wallet in Japan

HB Wallet is the most downloaded Ethereum wallet in Japan. It was launched by Bacoor Inc., a blockchain tech company based in Kobe, Japan, in November 2017. With its commitment to delivering a reliable and user-friendly system that is specially designed to store Ethers and other tokens, Bacoor Inc. created HB Wallet for the purpose of storing Ethers, and ERC20 and ERC223 tokens.

HB Wallet: Most downloaded Ethereum wallet in Japan

A lot of people in Japan use HB Wallet because of its excellent features. Its features includes easy wallet creation that will not take more than 30 seconds and will not require identity verification, biometrics and PIN locks that make the wallet safe and secured, a reliable storing system for private keys, easy monitoring funds through mobile and desktop devices, airdrops, and token purchases.


HB Wallet recently added in a new chat function which enables users to connect easily with other users. It also allows for cryptocurrency to be sent directly to another user by using the “pay” and “request” functions. Users can also share emojis and images with other users through the chat function.


With these features, HB Wallets provides a more user-friendly experience when compared to other Ethereum wallets by addressing the following issues:


  • Long waits in checking Ether balance.
  • Long processes in secured transactions.
  • Accessibility issues in monitoring balance across different devices.
  • Difficulties in finding and participating in legit airdrops.
  • Difficulties in storing and tracking custom smart contract.
  • Bothersome in checking real-time value of cryptocurrency.
  • Complexities in storing private key and passphrase.
  • Hassles with remembering the accounts of the people the user usually transacts with.


HB Wallet also has a game called “TapWar” where users can be rewarded with Ether for answering questions correctly. It is currently giving away 60 ethers to all users to mark HB Wallet reaching 250,000 downloads.


HB Wallet aims to be the most popular Ethereum wallet, not just in Japan, but also in other countries. It plans to do this through its user-friendly features.


HB Wallet DEX is planned to be released soon. This will be the first decentralized exchange that will operate in HB Wallet. It will soon let users trade cryptocurrencies and tokens with HB Wallet DEX.

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