Nowadays, many people are too distracted  to pay attention to what is happening to our environment. Our environment has been slowly deteriorating. This is caused  by the air pollution from fossil fuels used in our cars and the chemicals released by factories. Though it may be difficult to cease on our own, there are little things that we can do to help reduce waste such as:

  •    Switch to LED light, No more normal light bulbs
  •    Turn off anything that uses electricity when not in use.
  •    Unplug devices when possible.
  •    Conserve water.
  •    Walk, bike or take mass transit
  •    Drive a hybrid or all-electric car
  •    Track your fuel economy and contribute in improving it.
  •    Switch to eco friendly products

ECO PRO TECH INC. aims to protect the environment. They are developing automotive Bio-fuel, SCRP (Selective Catalytic Reduction Product, like AdBlue; and other low emission products to help mitigate the effects of global warming produced by fossil fuels.

Utilizing the blockchain technology they have designed a new cryptocurrency called EXEES. This cryptocurrency is devise to reward sustainable activities done by anyone, anywhere in this world. They see this as a tool to encourage people to switch to clean fuel instead of fossil fuels that causes damage to our environment. Since they can eventually exchange their EXEES coins for a fiat value.


-    Name: EXEES

-    Symbol: EXE

-    Maximum Issue: 2,000,000,000,000

-    Blockchain: Ethereum Based ERC20/ERC223 Hybrid

How does It work?

The image above shows how you can earn EXEES. People can claim their EXEES by simply choosing ECO PRO TECH products and scanning their QR CODE.

In line with that, they have partnerships with well-established companies in Malaysia



the custodian of Malaysia's national oil and gas resources. Ranked 191 in the Fortune 500 this 2018. PETRONAS Chemicals Group’s (PCG) forms the world-class SAMUR project that consists of plants, ammonia and urea in the National Key Economic Area.


A joint venture company between Felda Global Ventures Holdings, Malaysia’s largest diversified plantation organization and IFFCO, UAE’s leading manufacturer and marketer of consumer and industrial food products.

ECO PRO TECH website:

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