PewDiePie To Pair Up With A Blockchain-Based Streaming Platform

On April 14, YouTube Star Felix Kjellberg Will Start Streaming Exclusively For DLive

PewDiePie To Pair Up With A Blockchain-Based Streaming Platform

PewDiePie's Felix Kjellberg announced in a YouTube video that they will be pairing with blockchain-based platform DLive starting 14 April 2019 Sunday. Kjellberg will be exclusively live streaming in DLive from then on.


Kjellberg also said in a statement that one of the things he liked about DLive is that he is treated like an actual partner, meaning to say he is no different from the rest of the streamers of the platform.


Kat Peterson Co-Founder of re6l which is an influencer media company, and also a part of the PewDiePie management team said that DLive supports content creators through revenue sharing. The system that DLive has also work in a way that is highly beneficial to the content creator.


DLive is powered by blockchain technology. It has its own cryptocurrency called Lino Points which is worth 1.2 cents per one unit of Lino Points.


DLive users need to buy Lino Points in order to subscribe to their favorite streamers which they can do by using Bitcoin for the purchase. Users are also able to purchase Lino Points using fiat currency through PayPal or Xsolla which is a billing company focused in video games.


Aside from subscribing to streamers, DLive users can also use their Lino Points to send gift points to their favorite streamers just as Super Chat and Twitch allows their users to send donations to their favorite streaming stars.


One way that DLive is different from other streaming platforms is the way DLive lets its streamers receive about 90.1 percent of the revenue gotten from their donations and subscriptions.


For instance, YouTube deducts 30 percent of streamers' revenue from channel subscriptions. Super Char takes out 30 percent from the donations while Twitch takes 50 percent from channel subscriptions.


Since DLive is giving 90.1 percent of the revenue share to the streamers, there is still about 9.9 percent remaining. However, DLive says that the remains of the revenue do not go straight to them either. Instead, it serves as a reward to DLive's top streamers each day.


Many people have grown skeptical as to how DLive plans to monetize their platform since all of the revenue shares are being directed to the streamers.


In correlation with that question, a DLive spokesperson once told Variety that they don't plan to make money out of their platform in the short term. For now, they are more focused on seeking growth for DLive.


Being one of YouTube's top content creator with about 94 million subscribers, Kjellberg can be a huge help for DLive to step up its growth.


DLive had recently listed Kjellberg as its number top content creator. His account had been introduced on April 10. Since then, he was able to amass about 406,000 followers on the platform. He had also received about $26,000 Lino Points.