Binance Charity used blockchain tech to deliver services to Bududa victims

Binance Charity recently used blockchain to pilot their latest charity project which benefited victims of disasters in Bududa.

Binance Charity used blockchain tech to deliver services to Bududa victims

On 11 October 2018, over 12,000 people were affected by the tragic disaster that happened in Bududa District, Eastern Uganda.


A massive landslide and flooding occurred after a river burst out due to a 4-hour heavy rainfall.


The said landslide left 51 people dead, 400 missing, and 1,000 displaced.


One of the organizations that extended their help to the victims was Binance Charity Foundation (BCF) was one of the organizations that extended help to the victims r BCF, a blockchain-based non-profitable organization.


BCF worked with the Ugandan government and Crypto Savannah Foundation in order to conduct a charity program wherein disaster victims will be able to surely receive the donations that are intended for them.


Few days before the residents received their donated goods, Binance volunteers went to Bududa and did some verification processes with the use of blockchain.


The verification processes were done in order to identify who the victims of the disaster were, and the end-beneficiaries of the donations as well.


After doing so, there were 625 confirmed end-beneficiaries who will receive the first batch of donations.


In addition to this, five  Bududa residents were chosen to teach the community members on how to use crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies.


Surprisingly, the chosen Bududa residents were able to understand how crypto works within 30 minutes.


After those five chosen Bududa residents learned how to use crypto, they were able to teach other community members on how to use cryptocurrencies and crypto wallets as well.


There were 72 household heads who were able to open their own crypto wallet, as reported by Binance.


The crypto wallets were also used by the end-beneficiaries in receiving their donations.


In the evening of  21 January 2019, a truck that is loaded by donation came to their town.


On 22 January 2019, the household heads went directly to the district centers and used their crypto wallet in order to access their donations. After doing so, the household heads got their donations right away.


People who donated can be assured that their donations were delivered successfully because they can check online if the beneficiaries already received it.

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