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Fintech April Mixer: Angkas On Improving Lives Of Low-Income Households

Angkas along with other entrepreneurs were present at the Fintech April Mixer to talk about their business advocacies and how it can help

Fintech April Mixer: Angkas On Improving Lives Of Low-Income Households

The Fintech April Mixer took place at The Ark By UnionBank on 25 April 2019. The core of the event talked about how to democratize the e-commerce industry here in the Philippines.

George Royeca, Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs of Angkas was there to talk about what's next on the lineup of their business.


Royeca along with other speakers like Au Soriano, Archit Anand, Steve Sy, and Ronald Rodriguez was there to discuss how their company can help in the democratization of e-commerce in the Philippines.

Royeca said that for the most part, Angkas is all about its business advocacy which is to improve the quality of living of low-income Filipinos through proper training when it comes to riding a motorcycle.


Royeca explained that they once conducted research about motorcycles here in the Philippines. Ankas was able to acquire data that shows that there are about 40 million motorcycles in the country of which over 50 percent are being used for livelihood.


This means that one-third of the country's total population relies on motorcycles for their source of living.


From the said research, Angkas was also able to exact that 99 percent of the people using a motorcycle for livelihood comes from low-income families.


Despite the necessity of using motorcycles, these types of vehicles remain to have a negative stigma due to the numerous accidents that motorcycles gradually cause.


However, Royeca said that with Angkas these casualties are kept from minimum to zero. This proves that Filipinos can be trained to properly ride a motorcycle.


Since there is currently no government initiative to teach people how to ride a motorcycle, Angkas made it one of its goals.


Royeca also shared with the audience that most of their drivers would have earned Php 45,000 by the end of the month which is a huge improvement compared to their original monthly income.


However, he noted that some drivers would use their first Php45,000 to buy an iPhone X or any other similar luxury.


Apart from teaching Angkas drivers how to drive safely and properly deal with customers, they also teach them how to do business which includes managing the money they earn.


Ronald Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of Beebeelee, also shared his insights on how his business can partake in the spread of e-commerce in the Philippines.


He said that one of their goals is to shape a new generation of entrepreneurs in e-commerce highlighting the fact that a certain percent of the Filipino market is still not fully confident to engage in online retailing.


Rodriguez said that most of the orders they receive are transacted through Cash On Delivery payment method since this provides a lot more security on the part of customers. However, not all of these orders push through. There are times when a customer would decide to cancel an order midway.


Through the mass adoption of e-payments, Rodriguez hopes to encourage Filipinos to have an e-commerce ecosystem.


Au Soriano of PinoyTravel also talked about the need to modernize the way transportation personnel does business.


Technology is an excellent apparatus to automize and make things more efficient in the transportation industry.


Those living within Metro Manila most likely knows a thing or two on how to use technology to their advantage. However, to give people from rural areas a chance, Soriano says that she goes on trips to provinces to teach drivers and conductors how to use technology for their business.


Interestingly, there was also one company that seeks to resolve the issue of the water crisis.


Daniel Li represented his company NXTLVL Water.

In the next 10 years or so, the Philippines could already experience a serious water crisis.


In fact, 20 million of Filipino are already experiencing it right now.


Li explained that NXTLVL Water invented something called the hydra.


It's a 20-foot water container, the same with any other water container you'll see. The big difference is that this one turns sea water, cleans it up, and turns it into potable water.


NXTLVL Water has its production facility in San Juan, La Union. Bottles of water sold within the area are sold from Php 10 to Php 15. Meanwhile, places outside of San Juan are sold for Php 20.