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FinTech Forum Gathers Entrepreneurs And Investors

Many inspiring stories from business founders and leaders loomed in on the FinTech Forum 2019.

 FinTech Forum Gathers Entrepreneurs And Investors

Entrepreneurs and investors gathered today 06 April 2019 at Acceler8 By UnionSpace Rockwell as the FinTech Forum took place.


The Fintech forum, along with DISH 2019, is actually part of the Inclusive Prosperity Fintech Summit, both of which were held in different venues.

Richard Hahn SCI Ventures Head Of Marketing served as the host of the event.

Hahn introduced Amor Maclang who is the Founding Director of GeiserMaclang, a consulting agency dedicated to transforming and executing great ideas in the most creative and innovative manner.


She believes that technology is not only a lifestyle but also advocacy. Having witnessed the launching of CEZA in Japan, Maclang testifies to how the rest of the world looks at the Philippines as the hub for anything technological.


She also gave the crowd a briefing of what's in store for Fintech Philippines this 2019.


Fintech will be visiting exchanges in Singapore, Hong Kong, as well as Israel. There will also be a China Mission where people with great business ideas can pitch to investors.


This coming May, a teleradyo online podcast will be launched where the FinTech community will be frequently featured. This is a good opportunity for startups and other businesses that are in need of public exposure.


They only have to become a member of FinTech Philippines or become more active in the group's activities in order to get this free promotion.

Ida Tiongson, president of Opal Portfolio Investments and FinTech Philippines director, came to talk about how society is in need of more regulatory funding.


Tiongson cited examples of small businesses that almost collapsed but was able to push through and reach its full potential with the help of third-party funding.


In our current space, third-party funding usually refers to initial coin offerings (ICOs). There is, however a drawback, because world statistics state that only five percent of ICOs wound up to be valid. Most of them are scams.


This puts a wedge between business and success because of the trust issue that gets in the way of funding. Through the help of more secured funding, FinTech Philippines will be able to aid more businesses in reaching the apex of its potential.

Roy Selbach, Digital Marketing Head and Chief Executive Officer of EOI Digital, also came to talk about digital marketing and how entrepreneurs can utilize it boost their business.

Selbach cited a couple of examples of digital marketing gone wrong in the Philippines, as well as some ways on how one can make it better.


Digital marketing comprises of several detailed actions that can turn visitors into customers. If done right, this can have a significant impact on business revenue.

Rogelio Nooky Umali Jr., Chief Operating Officer (COO) of FWD Life Insurance, was also there to talk about how FWD battled with big name life insurance companies.


Just as dinosaurs met their downfall due to fast changes, that is also how Rogelio described his journey as COO.


FWD got into a paradigm shift. Whatever strategies other life insurances were doing, FWD was up to something different. They looked at a business model that was based on the consumer's view and perspective. In the end, the more a customer is engaged, the more likely the company gains revenue.

Kat Gonzales, along with Rin, from UnionBank was also there to talk about how its enhanced API Portal can help entrepreneurs in augmenting their products or services with banking capabilities.


Panel discussions talked about how FinTech is not only about catching up with today's modernity. Utilization of technology as a means of boosting one's financial capacity is also one way of moving forth with social justice.


On the other end, technology also bridges the gap standing between traditional businesses and innovation.


The guests had a lot of fun networking with their co-entrepreneurs and investors right after the program was over, but not before the sponsors had finished introducing their products.

Some of the sponsors that shared their technology were HB Wallet and AIzen. Daisuke Soshi, Bacoor Inc. shareholder led his presentation about what a multiplatform Ethereum wallet can do which includes being an Ethereum wallet, messaging app, a source for blockchain news, as well as an avenue for decentralized applications.

Yu Onodera, Founder of AIzen, had his turn in sharing how the platform's smart contract can pave the way of making casinos and online betting a fraud-free space.