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Blockchain Partnerships in Manila

Blockchain Partnerships held its first event in Manila last 17 April 2019 to support people who are interested in widening their networks in the blockchain industry.

Blockchain Partnerships in Manila

Last 17 April 2019, Blockchain Partnerships held its first event in Manila at UB 111 ACCELER8 Paseo de Roxas, Legaspi Village Makati City, Metro Manila from 7 to 10 PM.


The event started off with a brief discussion from Colton Moffitt, one of the organizers of the event, who gave various strategies on how to have quality partnerships within or out of the blockchain industry.

Colton Moffitt


According to Moffitt, there are a lot of possibilities when companies get into partnerships, but investors must be careful in choosing which company they would be venturing with because some are just ‘money grabs’.


Some of Moffitt’s suggestions for strategic partnerships are having clear goals, starting small, conducting prospect research, using social mentions, getting the right people, and utilizing platforms that can be used for producing educational materials like blogs to access more audiences.


After the discussion given by Moffitt, it was followed by the ‘hot seat’ portion where participants were able to share the current challenges of their businesses.


The participants then exchanged ideas and suggestions to help and benefit from each other.


First to speak was Peter Ing, a businessman who runs the Blockchain Space.

Peter Ing


Ing discussed that the primary problem of Blockchain Space as of the moment is how to separate Blockchain Space and its ventures from the co-working space where Blockchain Space is located.


Ing explained that the Blockchain Space was sponsored at first, so almost every event was offered for free. However, in the long run, it is already seen as a potential asset by the owners. Now, the dilemma is how to monetize from it - either coming from the sponsors or from the attendees.


During the part where participants are given time to give suggestions, one participant said that it is better not to cost the attendees anything for it might drop the number of people who will attend the events. He also suggested Ing to partner/invite blockchain engineers to gain more participants in their events.


Next to speak was a representative from Elastos, who shared what they are currently doing in order to expand their business and connections in the blockchain industry.



According to him, Elastos targets college students who are taking up Information Technology, for they believe that those students will play a big role in the future of the blockchain industry in the country.


He explained that the partnership strategy that they do is to get connected with college organizations, so those organizations will be in charge of giving them permits instead of them doing it, since getting a permit from outside is quite hard and requires long processes.


He mentioned that the schools that they were able to reach are University of Makati, La Salle, FEU, and Cavite State University. And two groups who joined the last hackathon, DISH 2019, came from these schools.


Third to speak was one of the organizers of Hackathon under NASA, named Michael. He explained that as an organizer of an event as big as the one he handled, the primary challenge is how to gain sponsors.



Despite having difficulties with looking for sponsors for his event, Michael shared that he was able to push through the event within the timeframe that NASA gave him.


However, Michael shared that he is still facing another challenge. Winners will be receiving a free pass to NASA however, the fare and accommodation expenses will not be covered by NASA.


The participants suggested for him to ask for Philippine Airlines for the fare, ask US Embassy for the hotel accommodations because they usually offer sponsorship, and the other one said that having NASA behind its back is an edge to get sponsorship.


The last to speak was from Mehmet Eren Kereci, marketing and sales officer of Mergecommit,  who discussed the features of their exchange platform, Andromeda.

Mehmet Eren Kereci


Andromeda is created in order to sell different types of ICOs using their own platform, most especially those ICOs that were just created or have not created yet. The platform is said to be offered to ICO’s for free.