HB Wallet will be giving 60 ethers!

HB Wallet will be giving 60 ethers!

Yes! This coming October 2018, HB Wallet will be giving away 60 ethers! As they are celebrating its milestone in reaching 250,000 downloads! To give thanks to all its users. HB Wallet Team decides to give away 60 ETHERS through an event called "TAP WAR."


This TapWAR game will be on the “Chat” function in HB Community Chat room. Every day, they will be giving random gift cards on the HB Community Chat. Users will be given a chance to complete specific tasks. The first user who completes the task will receive the reward. The value of those gift cards is ranging from 3 USD to 100 USD maybe the amount depends on how easy or hard the task is.


HB Wallet was officially launched in November 2017. It is the most famous Ethereum wallet in Japan. Japanese people indulge in this Ethereum wallet because of its excellent features- link and its convenience. This wallet is exclusively for Ether, ERC20 and ERC223 tokens.


This is why I love using HB Wallet so much, unlike other wallets. Besides its excellent service, they give importance to their users by giving away ethers, through this game called “TapWar”. Just to give thanks for the continuous support of their users.


What a unique wallet, aside from using it for payment or any other function. They created an entertainment that users will surely enjoy! Imagine!? You can enjoy playing the game and have the chance to win free ethers! Amazing right!?


So, what are you waiting for? Download HB Wallet now! To experience its excellent service and have a chance to win Ethers!


HB Wallet team will be so happy if more people will join our community. So download HB Wallet now and recommend it to your friends too. As we grow our community, HB Wallet will give more opportunities and entertainment to all its users in the future and will undoubtedly continue to maintain and improve more its service to their users.


Download HB Wallet here! Download | Ethereum Wallet | HB Wallet

(Note: HB Wallet are downloadable in IOS, ANDROID, MAC AND WINDOWS)

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