Crypto for Beginners: What is Airdrop?

Gaining knowledge on how Airdrops work is necessary for new crypto members as it would be very advantageous on their end.

Crypto for Beginners: What is Airdrop?

Airdrop is one of the sought-after processes in the crypto world today. Oh! I know what you're thinking. You are wondering why is it popular, right?


Airdrop became so popular among crypto users because it allows crypto users to receive crypto coins and tokens directly from the other users. In short, there are free coins and tokens during Airdrops. Well, who would not want that?


The creation of Airdrop process occurred when crypto owners and developers realized that they need to make an outstanding impact and impression among users and potential users of cryptocurrencies. Not to mention the people’s skepticism towards this new technology which also needs to be addressed.


Airdrop is a marketing strategy that helps crypto industry be advertised to public, and hopefully be adopted by the majority in time. It also helps in HODL-ing coins for a while because some Airdrops require users to hold crypto coins or tokens first in order to receive their free crypto asset through Airdrops.


There are many and different ways of joining Airdrops. Some ask to like a specific channel, comment on a post,  join a wallet, share a post, take a survey etc.


While on the other hand, there are also some that do not ask anything before receiving Airdrops, users will just receive a token right away. This kind of airdropping mostly happens under the Ethereum-based blockchains.


Most of the time, Airdrops are announced and people only need to check it out on the internet. There are even several websites that are made to specifically post about upcoming Airdrop events.


Because Airdrop is an effective way in marketing cryptocurrencies, many are into using this process. However, people must be smart enough and be aware that as the cryptos became more and more popular, scammers would be more interested in scamming people. Researching before joining is the key.


As a reminder, once private keys are being asked before accessing and receiving an Airdrop, it is a scam! Stay knowledgeable!

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